Country/territory: China (mainland)

IBA Criteria met: A1, A2, A3 (2009)
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Area: 13,436 ha

Site description
Wuzhi Shan Nature Reserve is located within the Wuzhi Shan mountains, and is the highest mountain area in central Hainan. It is regarded as one of the three major mountain ranges on Hainan, together with the Yingge Ling and Yajia Da Ling mountains. The IBA extends from north-east to south-west, and has some 8,700 ha of primary forest.

Key biodiversity

Non-bird biodiversity: Nationally protected animals include Neofelis nebulosa, Viverra zibetha, Viverricula indica, Manis pentadactyla, Muntiacus muntjac and Python molurus. This IBA used to be an important site for Nomascus hainanus.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2022) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Wuzhishan. Downloaded from on 06/12/2022.