Stakhovski marshes

Year of compilation: 2001

Site description
A typical area of good quality marsh and bog habitat in the southern part of the taiga zone.

Key biodiversity
Low numbers (mean densities) of birds typically breed in such habitats, but the sustainability of such habitats is of high importance for many bird species.

Non-bird biodiversity: There are a places with nationally and regionally rare plants on marshes.

Habitat and land use
Such marshes are unique for central part of Russia. The site has remained intact since the beginning of the twentieth century, and is relatively unspoilt.

The map polygon is provided courtesy of the Spatial Database on Important Bird Areas of Russia 2014 (© Russian Bird Conservation Union, © Transparent World).

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BirdLife International (2022) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Stakhovski marshes. Downloaded from on 02/12/2022.