Ngoc Linh

Year of compilation: 2002

Site description
This IBA is centred on Mt Ngoc Linh in Ngoc Linh (Kon Tum) Nature Reserve and Ngoc Linh (Quang Nam) proposed nature reserve. The IBA boundary follows that of Ngoc Linh (Quang Nam) proposed nature reserve as recommended by BirdLife International and FIPI (Tordoff et al., 2000), together with the areas of Ngoc Linh (Kon Tum) Nature Reserve that lie within Muong Hoong and Ngoc Linh communes. Mt Ngoc Linh is situated on the Kon Tum plateau, a mountain isolate, which is separated by relatively long distances from other high altitude areas. Mt Ngoc Linh is the highest point in the Central Highlands.

Key biodiversity
The known global range of one bird species, Golden-winged Laughingthrush Garrulax ngoclinhensis, is confined to Mt Ngoc Linh. As a result of the presence of golden-winged Laughingthrush and three other restricted-range bird species, the site qualifies for inclusion in the Kon Tum Plateau Endemic Bird Area (EBA), the most recently discovered of Vietnam's four EBAs.

Non-bird biodiversity: Three globally threatened primate species were recorded by Tordoff et al. (2000) at Mt Ngoc Linh: Rhesus Macaque Macaca mulatta, Stump-tailed Macaque Macaca arctoides and Douc Langur Pygathrix nemaeus ssp.The following threatened gymnosperm species have been recorded at Mt Ngoc Linh: Pinus dalatensis, Podocarpus neriifolius, Cephalotaxus mannii and Amenotaxus poilanei (Le Trong Trai et al., 1999). The Ngoc Linh massive is the only area in the world known to support Amenotaxus poilanei.The site also supports a population of the recently discovered, endemic mammal species, Truong Son Muntjac Muntiacus truongsonensis.

Pressure/threats to key biodiversity
The overall level of human impact on the forest ecosystem of Mt Ngoc Linh is moderately low. Threats to biodiversity at the site include hunting and unsustainable exploitation of NTFPs.

Protected areas
The establishment of a nature reserve at Ngoc Linh was decreed in 1986. However, because the proposed Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve straddled two provinces (Kon Tum and Quang Nam provinces) the investment plan for Ngoc Linh was not approved at ministerial level. In 1998, another investment plan for a 41,420 ha nature reserve in Kon Tum province was prepared by FIPI and BirdLife International. This investment plan was approved that same year. Following the establishment of Ngoc Linh (Kon Tum) Nature Reserve, FIPI and BirdLife International prepared a feasibility study for Ngoc Linh (Quang Nam) Nature Reserve, which recommended a total area of 18,430 ha for the nature reserve (Tordoff et al., 2000). This feasibility study was published in January 2000 and approved by Quang Nam PPC in April 2000. An investment plan will be prepared by FIPI and BirdLife in 2001. If this investment plan is approved by the PPC and MARD, Ngoc Linh (Quang Nam) Nature Reserve will be established.

Habitat and land use
Between 1,000 and 1,700 m, the site supports lower montane evergreen forest. This vegetation type exhibits low levels of disturbance, with human impact limited to hunting and non-timber forest product (NTFP) collection. Above 1,700 m, upper montane evergreen forest is distributed. Elfin forest is distributed at the highest elevations along mountain ridges.

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2022) Important Bird Areas factsheet: Ngoc Linh. Downloaded from on 20/08/2022.