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Endemic Bird Areas of the World

Stattersfield, A. J., Crosby, M. J., Long, A. J. and Wege, D. C. (1998) Endemic Bird Areas of the World. Priorities for biodiversity conservation. BirdLife Conservation Series 7. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International.

EBA reports

Borghesio, L., Giannetti, F., Ndang'ang'a, K. and Shimelis, A. (2004) The present  conservation status of Juniperus forests in the South Ethiopian Endemic Bird Area. African Journal of Ecology 42: 137–143.

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Eames, J. C., Eve, R. and Tordoff, A. W. (2001) The importance of Vu Quang Nature Reserve, Vietnam, for bird conservation, in the context of the Annamese Lowlands Endemic Bird Area. Bird Conserv. Int. 11: 247–285.

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