LandSense is an international project funded by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, with the overall aim of uncovering the potential of Citizen Science and Earth Observation to improve the way we see, map, and understand the world.

Formed by a strong multidisciplinary consortium of 18 institutions (research institutes, SMEs, NGOs, public bodies) from 8 countries, LandSense team has in-depth experience in the science, technology, business and policy components of Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) monitoring and citizen science.

BirdLife International is leading Demonstration Case 3, focused on connecting citizens with satellite imagery to transform environmental decision making by monitoring habitats and threats to biodiversity within IBAs and KBAs of Spain and Indonesia. Our Partners SEO/Birdlife (Spain) and Burung Indonesia are responsible for the stakeholder inclusion and engagement of IBA caretakers and Local Conservation Groups. They are also helping to co-design and test a new tool, a mobile app which should be used by citizens to validate LULC data and report biodiversity threats.

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