Achieving the Targets: Examples of Success

The booklet Developing and implementing National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans: How to set, meet and track the Aichi Biodiversity Targets includes the following links to detailed State of the world’s birds case studies that demonstrate how each target can be successfully achieved.


 Aichi Target 1: Improving awareness of biodiversity

BirdLife Australia is bringing together residents and land managers to protect beach-nesting birds

The Hong Kong Birdwatching Society is helping local groups raise conservation awareness in schools

BirdLife Partners are helping to establish National Liaison Frameworks as forums for policymaking

 Aichi Target 2: Mainstreaming biodiversity into national policies and plans

BirdLife is working to mainstream soaring bird conservation along the Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway

Important Bird Areas are being used to integrate biodiversity and development planning in Mongolia

BirdLife’s Rwandan Partner (ACNR) is helping a community to manage wetland resources sustainably

 Aichi Target 3: Reforming incentives

BirdLife Partners are supporting reform of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy

Asity Madagascar is using direct payments to local communities as an incentive for IBA conservation

BirdLife Partners are supporting efforts to remove European Union subsidies that support overfishing

 Aichi Target 4: Implementing plans for sustainability

A strategic partnership between CEMEX and BirdLife is helping to reduce impacts on biodiversity

The sustainable use of wetland resources can benefit both wildlife and local communities

BirdLife has developed a decision-support tool (IBAT) for business, government and conservation

 Aichi Target 5: Reducing habitat loss and degradation

BirdLife’s Forests of Hope programme will protect five million hectares of tropical forest

BirdLife Partners are tackling the East Asian coastal wetlands ecological crisis

BirdLife’s Polish Partner (OTOP) campaigned to save the Rospuda valley from road development

 Aichi Target 6: Fishing sustainably

BirdLife is working with Regional Fisheries Management Organisations to reduce albatross declines

BirdLife’s Albatross Task Force is bridging the gap between conservationists and fishermen

Marine IBAs are being used to describe Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas in the open oceans

 Aichi Target 7: Making farming and forestry sustainable

Aves Uruguay is working with local ranchers to establish good management practices for grasslands

Pronatura is supporting local communities in Mexico to establish sustainable forestry practices

Bird Conservation Nepal works with Community Forest Users Groups for sustainable forest management

 Aichi Target 8: Reducing pollution

Bird Conservation Nepal is establishing safe ‘diclofenac free’ feeding sites for vultures

Banning lead shot and captive breeding were crucial in saving Californian Condor from extinction

‘Nature-friendly’ fish-farming techniques in Hungary reduce both costs and pollution

 Aichi Target 9: Tackling invasive aliens

BirdLife Partners are helping to restore island ecosystems by eradicating invasive alien species

Rat eradication and captive breeding have helped save the Campbell Islands Teal from extinction

Turning invasive plants into biofuels and fertiliser benefits both biodiversity and local livelihoods

 Aichi Target 10: Minimising climate change impacts

BirdLife Partners are safeguarding IBAs in order to mitigate climate change impacts on birds

BirdLife Partners are working with local communities to protect and restore mangrove ecosystems

Managed realignment for coastal wetlands in the UK is helping people and nature adapt

 Aichi Target 11: Reforming Protecting and managing critical sites

BirdLife Partners use IBAs to inform an ecologically representative network of protected areas

BirdLife Partners are helping Sierra Leone and Liberia create a transboundary reserve

BirdLife worked with the Timor-Leste government to create the country’s first National Park

 Aichi Target 12: Preventing extinctions

Over ten years, action by BirdLife Partners and others prevented the extinction of 16 bird species

BirdLife’s Preventing Extinction Programme identifies Guardians and Champions for threatened birds

Habitat restoration has led to the recovery of the Azores Bullfinch

 Aichi Target 14: Safeguarding ecosystem services

Bird Conservation Nepal is assessing ecosystem services at Important Bird Areas

In Nigeria, the BirdLife partner is assisting wetland restoration to safeguard ecosystem services

Nature Uganda is empowering communities to manage natural resources and restore ecosystem services

 Aichi Target 15: Restoring degraded forest

BirdLife Partners in Indonesia and Sierra Leone are developing innovative approaches to save forests

BirdLife Partners are restoring forests that will help buffer communities against climate change

Community management of forest on Mount Oku, Cameroon, has led to significant habitat regeneration

 Aichi Target 17: Implementing national strategies for biodiversity

BirdLife Partners work with governments through environmental agreements to protect biodiversity

BirdLife’s datasets help governments to implement National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans

The Haribon Foundation is helping the Philippines Government to update and implement their NBSAP

 Aichi Target 18: Protecting traditional knowledge and practices

BirdLife’s Partner in Lebanon (SPNL) uses a traditional Hima approach in IBA conservation

The traditional knowledge of Cree hunters is helping Nature Canada map changing migration patterns

Empowering local people is helping to protect the Endangered Wattled Curassow

 Aichi Target 19: Sharing biodiversity knowledge

BirdLife has developed a decision-support tool (IBAT) for business, government and conservation

BirdLife Partners have developed a monitoring framework for IBAs worldwide

Synthesising and sharing bird data can help assess the effectiveness of conservation interventions

 Aichi Target 20: Increasing conservation finance

BirdLife has calculated the cost of saving globally threatened species and safeguarding IBAs

BirdLife is mobilising resources from Species Champions for preventing extinctions

Madagascar has developed innovative mechanisms to finance Protected Area conservation