Argentine Mesopotamian grasslands

Country/Territory Argentina,Brazil,Uruguay
Area 160,000 km2
Altitude 0 - 1100m
Priority urgent
Habitat loss severe
Knowledge good

General characteristics

Mesopotamia is a low-lying region covering Misiones, Corrientes and Entre R

Restricted-range species

The three restricted-range species are in the genus Sporophila, all breeding in periodically inundated grassland and marsh, especially those supporting tall, dense grasses (especially Paspalum), often with isolated bushes (including Acacia caven and Solanum glaucophyllum) and herbaceous plants such as Eryngium (Pearman and Abadie in press). They are all austral migrants, wintering north of the EBA mainly in the pantanal of central Brazil, birds on migration having been recorded in Paraguay and other parts of Brazil.

The three species are patchily distributed within their breeding ranges. They all overlap only in eastern Entre R

Species IUCN Category
(Sporophila zelichi) NR
Chestnut Seedeater (Sporophila cinnamomea) VU
Marsh Seedeater (Sporophila palustris) EN

Important Bird Areas (IBAs)
IBA Code Site Name Country
AR071 Reserva El Bagual Argentina
AR107 Parque Nacional Chaco Argentina
AR130 Campo San Juan Argentina
AR134 Barra Concepción Argentina
AR135 Reserva Natural Rincón de Santa María Argentina
AR136 Estero Valenzuela Argentina
AR137 Estancia San Juan Poriahú Argentina
AR138 Estancia Puerto Valle Argentina
AR139 Loma Alta Argentina
AR140 Parque Nacional Mburucuyá Argentina
AR141 Galarza Argentina
AR142 Lomada de San Alonso Argentina
AR143 Cuenca del río Aguapey Argentina
AR144 Estancia Mora Cué y alrededores Argentina
AR146 Rincón del Socorro-Iberá Argentina
AR172 Selva de Montiel Argentina
AR173 Parque Nacional El Palmar Argentina
AR176 Nandubaysal-El Potrero Argentina
AR177 Perdices Argentina
AR178 Ceibas Argentina
AR200 Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur Argentina
BR223 Banhado São Donato Brazil
BR229 Campos da Região de Bagé Brazil
BR232 Várzea do Canal São Gonçalo Brazil
BR233 Banhado do Maçarico e Cordões Litorâneos Adjacentes Brazil
PY034 Campo Llano Paraguay
PY045 Tapyta Paraguay
PY046 Parque Nacional San Rafael Paraguay
PY049 Estero Ñu Guazú - General Artigas Paraguay
UY001 Bella Unión Grasslands Uruguay
UY002 Arapey Uruguay
UY005 Corralitos Uruguay
UY006 Meseta de Artigas Uruguay
UY009 Guichón Uruguay
UY011 Grassland and wetlands of Negro River down basin Uruguay
UY021 Eastern Wetlands Uruguay

Threat and conservation

Much of the land within this EBA is under agricultural production, especially for cattle-ranching in Corrientes. Degradation of grassland through overgrazing and trampling is a common problem, while drainage of marshes and the burning of stands of tall natural grasses pose additional threats to the area. A recent development is afforestation projects mainly of Eucalyptus and pine, with greatest interest focused on eastern Entre R

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2018) Endemic Bird Areas factsheet: Argentine Mesopotamian grasslands. Downloaded from http://www.birdlife.org on 20/07/2018.