Myanmar-Thailand mountains

Country/Territory Myanmar; Thailand
Area 0 km2
Altitude 0 - 0 m
Priority -
Habitat loss -
Knowledge -

General characteristics

This Secondary Area is defined by the range of Burmese Yuhina Yuhina humilis, which is known from two localities in north-west Thailand and several localities in southern Shan state, Kayah state and probably Kayin state in east-central Myanmar (see map, p. 424). It is found in hill evergreen forest between about 1,200 and 2,300 m (Boonsong and Round 1991). This area has a large number of hill tribes living in close proximity to the forests, and selective cutting combined with repeated burning continues to degrade most remaining areas of hill evergreen forest, although one of the localities where Y. humilis has been recorded in Thailand lies within the large contiguous area protected in Mae Ping National Park and Mae Tuen and Om Koi Wildlife Sanctuaries (Round 1988; see IUCN 1992c).

Restricted-range species

Species IUCN Red List category
Burmese Yuhina (Yuhina humilis) LC

Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas (IBAs)
Country IBA Name IBA Book Code
Thailand Mae Wong TH023
Thailand Om Koi TH004
Thailand Umphang TH024

Threat and conservation

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Endemic Bird Areas factsheet: Myanmar-Thailand mountains. Downloaded from http://datazone.birdlife.org/eba/factsheet/379 on 01/12/2023.