Northern Ethiopia

Country/Territory Ethiopia,Somalia
Area 0 km2
Altitude 0 - 0m
Priority -
Habitat loss -
Knowledge -

General characteristics

This Secondary Area is defined by the range of Sombre Chat Cercomela dubia, a poorly known species recorded at a few north Ethiopian localities from the upper Awash valley eastwards (Keith et al. 1992), plus a single old record from the mountains of northern Somalia (in EBA 116) where it may possibly prove to be resident (Ash and Miskell 1983). The details of its habitat requirements and altitudinal range are unknown, but there is a recent record from rock- and grass-covered slopes with scattered Acacia at 1,625 m (J. S. Ash in litt. 1989).

Restricted-range species

Species IUCN Category
Sombre Rockchat (Oenanthe dubia) DD

Important Bird Areas (IBAs)
IBA Code Site Name Country
ET028 Awash National Park Ethiopia
SO006 Gacan Libaax Somalia

Threat and conservation

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2019) Endemic Bird Areas factsheet: Northern Ethiopia. Downloaded from http://www.birdlife.org on 21/08/2019.