South-west Tanzanian swamps

Country/Territory Tanzania,Zambia
Area 0 km2
Altitude 0 - 0m
Priority -
Habitat loss -
Knowledge -

General characteristics

This Secondary Area is defined by the range of Tanzania Masked Weaver Ploceus reichardi in south-west Tanzania (Hall and Moreau 1970), and extreme north-east Zambia (Leonard and Beel 1996; see map, p. 358). It is usually found in swamps, and is perhaps entirely restricted to this habitat during the breeding season (Louette and Benson 1982). The wetlands in this region do not appear to be under immediate pressure (Hughes and Hughes 1992), and a substantial area is protected within the Uwanda Game Reserve (IUCN 1992b).

Restricted-range species

Species IUCN Category
Tanzanian Masked Weaver (Ploceus reichardi) LC

Important Bird Areas (IBAs)
IBA Code Site Name Country
TZ033 Lake Rukwa Tanzania
ZM036 Saise River Zambia

Threat and conservation

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2020) Endemic Bird Areas factsheet: South-west Tanzanian swamps. Downloaded from http://www.birdlife.org on 07/07/2020.