South Veracruz coast scrub

Country/Territory Mexico
Area 0 km2
Altitude 0 - 0 m
Priority -
Habitat loss -
Knowledge -

General characteristics

This Secondary Area is defined by a population of Mexican Sheartail Doricha eliza in central Veracruz (Mexico) which is disjunct and isolated from the species' main range 650 km to the east along the north coast of the Yucatán peninsula (EBA 015; see map, p. 112). In Veracruz the bird is a fairly common but local resident of arid deciduous scrub from sea-level to 300 m (Howell and Webb 1995a). Dry forest in Veracruz is threatened by agricultural expansion, intensive grazing, firewood-gathering and burning (Dinerstein et al. 1995). This population of D. eliza is not known to be present in any protected area.

Restricted-range species

Species IUCN Category
Mexican Sheartail (Doricha eliza) NT

Important Bird Areas (IBAs)
IBA Code Site Name Country
MX150 Centro de Veracruz Mexico

Threat and conservation

Recommended citation
BirdLife International (2023) Endemic Bird Areas factsheet: South Veracruz coast scrub. Downloaded from http://datazone.birdlife.org/eba/search on 06/06/2023.