United Kingdom

State of the World's Birds - case studies

Introduction: The importance of birds to biodiversity
Pressure: Why birds are declining
Response: What can be done to improve the status of birds

Key publications


  • Pritchard, D. E., Housden, S. D., Mudge, G. P., Galbraith, C. A. and Pienkowski, M. W. (eds) (1992) Important Bird Areas in the UK including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Sandy: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
  • Young, H. G., Dryden, M. and Pinel, J. (2011) Conservation Status of Jersey’s Birds: Jersey’s bird populations in the 21st Century. Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey.

United Kingdom at a glance

Land area

243,610 km2

BirdLife Partner

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds


Total number of birds 268
Globally threatened birds 12
Country endemics 1

Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas

Number of IBAs 313
Total IBA area 28,574 km2
IBA area as % of land area 12%

Endemic Bird Areas

Number of EBAs 1

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