Russia (European)

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Pressure: Why birds are declining
Response: What can be done to improve the status of birds

Key publications


  • Skov, H., Vatikus, G., Raudonikis, L., Sidlo, P. O., Kalamees, A., Luigijze, L., Stipneice, A., Welander, B., Kondratyev, A,. Grishanov, G., Scheller, W., Struwe-Juhl, B., Leivo, M., Flensted, K. N. and Rasmussen, J. F. (2000) Inventory of coastal and marine Important Bird Areas in the Baltic Sea. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International.
  • Bukreev, S. A, Krasnova, E. D. and Sviridova, T. V. (eds) (2006) Ключевые Орнитологические Территории - оссии. Ключевые Орнитологические Территории Международнго Значения в Западной Сибири [Important Bird Areas in Russia. Volume 2 - Important Bird Areas in West Siberia]. Moscow: Russian Bird Conservation Union. [In Russian]
  • Kondratyev, A. (2000) Ключевые Орнитологические Территории Балтийского региона - оссии [Important Bird Areas of the Baltic region of Russia (Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions)]. Moscow: Russian Bird Conservation Union. [In Russian]
  • Sviridova, T. V. and Zubakin, V. A. (eds) (2000) Ключевые Орнитологические Территории - оссии - Ключевые Орнитологические Территории Международното значения в Европейской - оссии [Important Bird Areas of Russia. Volume 1 - Important Bird Areas of European Russia]. Moscow: Russian Bird Conservation Union. [In Russian]

Russia (European) at a glance



0 km2

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Total number of birds 409
Globally threatened birds 25
Country endemics 0

Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas

Number of IBAs 470
Total IBA area 29,634,205 ha

Endemic Bird Areas

Number of EBAs 1

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