State of the world's birds case studies

Response: What can be done to improve the status of birds

Key publications

Heath, M. F., Evans, M. I., Hoccom, D. G., Payne, A. J. and Peet, N. B. (eds) (2000) Important Bird Areas in Europe: priority sites for conservation, Volume 1 Northern Europe. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International.


  • Barrett, R. T., Lorentsen, S-H., Anker-Nilssen, T. (2006) The Status of breeding seabirds in mainland Norway. Atlantic Seabirds 8: 97-126

Norway at a glance




323,802 km2

BirdLife Partner

Norsk Ornitologisk Forening


Total number of birds 254
Globally threatened birds 11
Country endemics 0

Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas

Number of IBAs 80
Total IBA area 2,016,803 ha

Endemic Bird Areas

Number of EBAs 0

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