State of the World's Birds - case studies

Introduction: The importance of birds to biodiversity
State: What we know about the changing state of birds
Pressure: Why birds are declining
Response: What can be done to improve the status of birds

Key publications


  • United Nations Environment Programme (2004) A Review of the conservation status of Antarctic mammals and birds. UNEP: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Woehler, E. J., Cooper, J., Croxall, J. P., Fraser, W. R., Kooyman, G. L., Miller, G. D., Nel, D. C., Patterson, D. L., Peter, H-U., Ribic, C. A., Salwicka, K., Trivelpiece, W. Z., Weimerskirch, H. (2001) A statistical assessment of the status and trends of Antarctic and subantarctic seabirds. Science Committee on Antarctic Research, ISPN: 0 948277 21 1

Antarctica at a glance

Land area

14,000,000 km2

BirdLife Partner



Total number of birds 35
Globally threatened birds 5
Country endemics 1

Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas

Number of IBAs 279
Total IBA area 567,972 km2
IBA area as % of land area 4%

Endemic Bird Areas

Number of EBAs 0

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